Why See a Dermatologist?

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Just like you would go see a doctor for a stomach ache or any other internal bodily problems, dermatologists are not just for beauty and cosmetics, though they certainly can help in those areas.

If you are having a skin, hair or nail issue, dermatologists have been schooled and trained to help in these areas. Do you have an unknown rash for quite a while, or problem skin and acne? Have you noticed your hair line receding or losing shine despite using over-the-counter products?

These are times to see the dermatologist for your many skin and body needs, including Hair Transplant Costa Mesa.

Acne or skin type problems

Acne is not just for teenagers. Many adults, including women after giving birth or during menopause, have severe issues with their skin. Also, there are many other skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis, just to name a few, that can greatly impact day-to-day life. A dermatologist can help diagnose and recommend some treatment, whether it is a prescription or something you can get at the store.

Moles and skin cancers

Cancer is a scary word, but prevention is key with this type of disease. What to keep an eye out for are irregular, raised or discoloured moles, or all of the above. Another key point is to keep an eye on moles and bumps, and if they change drastically, see a dermatologist. A quick visit with one of these doctors is a good thing to add to your must-do this, especially if skin cancer runs in the family or you tanned frequently in your younger years.

Hair Loss

A full, healthy head of hair is a confidence boost for most people. But what do you do when your hair is thinning and possibly falling out? Many of the over-the-counter products might not work as your confidence lags. Dermatologists are trained with knowing how to diagnose and treat hair loss, and can recommend if a Hair Transplant in Costa Mesa is the right step. By doing such a procedure, new hair growth is removed and then placed into the affected areas, where the hair will grow over time, filling in the balding spots.

If you decide to see a dermatologist, make sure to write a list of questions to ask and symptoms you have, and bring the proper identification cards and list of current medication.

Seeing a dermatologist can be beneficial for many different skin and body issues, including acne, skin cancers and Hair Transplant Costa Mesa.


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