How does Phentermine Help with Weight Loss?

If you live in the Orange County area of CA and want to know if there are weight loss centers near me, the answer is yes. Having a professional help you with your weight loss will help ensure success. While diet and exercise certainly help lose weight, there are other options to include. Phentermine, for example, has been helping people lose weight for years. Approved by the FDA in 1959, it is the most popular weight loss drug.

Simply put, phentermine suppresses your appetite. By releasing dopamine and serotonin, your body feels full. This reduces cravings and helps to keep hunger at bay. Every person’s body is different, so the affect it has on you can vary. For most, though, it works correctly.

The main issue for many people on diets is satisfying their cravings and hunger. Many do fail at losing weight because of this. Some will diet and exercise and still not lose weight because of genes or even psychological problems. This is where phentermine helps. To be successful at shedding the extra pounds you need to gain control of your eating habits.

Phentermine also stimulates your body’s fight or flight response. Adrenaline is released which increases fatty acids and glucose levels. These changes increase blood flow and oxygen to your lungs. This then gives you more energy. Naturally, the energy will be beneficial for exercise and other things.

There are some minor side effects to consider, like difficulty sleeping, dry mouth, and nausea among other things. If you have a history of drug abuse, high blood pressure, heart disease or psychological issues like biopolar disorder or anxiety make sure your doctor is aware. Only you and your doctor can determine if it will be beneficial for you.

The bottom line is, if you want to lose weight and need some extra help you should consider phentermine. You want to be healthy right? If you have tried to lose weight over and over to no avail, learn about all your options by talking to a weight loss expert. Follow us on Google+

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