Stay Away from Repeat Use of Over-the-Counter Methods for Treating Sinus Headache in Allentown, PA

by | Sep 25, 2017 | Allergies

Over-the-counter methods will likely either work quickly or not at all. There is certainly an attraction to finding a resolution using an over-the-counter method, and this is not fundamentally a bad idea. If the solution is easy, some of these methods could be great. But, they do not work for everyone, and they certainly do not work for all scenarios.

Over-the-Counter Treatment

The fact is that many products just won’t work at all, and some may work for a few months and then become ineffective. If a product does not work after trying it two or three times, it will likely never work. Furthermore, if a product works for a period of time but starts to lose its potency, it is not the time to just find something stronger. It is time to see a doctor.

Some products can focus on the wrong area, causing months of wasted time and a lot of wasted money. Antihistamines are safe, but they will have little effect on sinus headaches that derive from migraines or from certain allergy sources. The sinus tension could be unrelated to allergies or cyclical based solely on allergies.

Migraines as the Root Cause

It could be very likely that migraines are the root cause of the Sinus Headache in Allentown PA. A sinus headache derives from nasal congestion and pain in the forehead, but it is entirely possible that these symptoms are only a manifestation of intense migraines.

The problem here is layered. Individuals may want to tackle their sinuses infection concerns with an over-the-counter strategy, and they try different products with no results. The problem, though, derives from migraines, which require a different tactic entirely.

The above concern for treating a Sinus Headache in Allentown PA is exactly why seeing an Otolaryngologist is so essential. Individuals can explore over-the-counter products for years with inefficient results because they are not aware of the root dilemma. It may not be an issue deriving from the sinus at all. It could be something entirely different. Visit for more information on sinus treatments, migraines, and the proliferation of allergies for this upcoming mold season.

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