How – and How Well – Does Drug Detox Actually Work?

When considering treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, there are several options. Many people believe that detox and rehabilitation or treatment are all generally the same thing, but this is not true. Knowing the difference can help you make the right choice for you or your loved one.

What is Detox?

Detox is simply any medical process that is used to stabilize a patient who is dealing with drug dependence. This typically involves a period of time sufficient to clear the patient’s system or bloodstream of the chemicals they are coping with addiction to, whether it’s a drug, alcohol or any other substance. During this time, patients typically encounter withdrawal symptoms, and supervising medical personnel provide assistance, both medical and emotional.

Why Detox Alone is Often Insufficient

Drug or alcohol detox works in three ways:

  • Providing time to detoxify the body of chemical substances in a safe, medically-supervised environment.
  • Offering emotional and medical support, helping to ease symptoms of withdrawal.
  • Ensuring that no major medical conditions other than substance abuse and withdrawal are present.

Beyond this, most patients are referred to other agencies. In many cases, however, these patients go home with no further help. This leads to relapse and further struggles with dependence, something that can be avoided if patients choose the right facility. A multi-step approach that begins with detox and moves on to counseling, support and outreach allows former addicts to stay clean and live healthier, happier lives, substance-free.

Finding the Help You Need

Most patients are looking for treatment close to home. Check with your local business and medical listings for a drug and alcohol rehab center near you. Sacramento area residents looking for detox services can contact Diamond House Detox for the upmost in privacy and effectiveness. Your insurance may cover your expenses. Contact your local detox and rehabilitation center today to find out more.

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