Fix that Extra Belly Flab with This Procedure

by | Nov 28, 2017 | Cosmetic and Plastic

Stop scrambling around for Spanx, larger shirts, and other slimming clothing that hides your tummy. If you are exercising and eating healthy, yet neither is working, then seek the advice of an excellent cosmetic surgeon who is skilled in performing a tummy tuck in Chicago. Say bye to that unwanted loose belly skin with the help of an experienced cosmetic surgeon who can work his/her magic.

Reasons for a Tummy Tuck

Have you recently had a baby and have tried everything to lose that extra tummy weight? If you are eating healthily and working out, and still not seeing any improvement, then it is time you consult a professional. You should not beat yourself up at the fact that you might need a cosmetic procedure, but instead reward yourself with a treatment that is going to change your life. Sure, surgery is not something to take lightly, but your doctor should let you know if it is the best and only option for you.

Health Benefits

Whenever the body has extra skin, it can cause health problems. If your extra stomach fat is so loose that it rubs against your skin, it can cause health issues, such as chaffing and severe rashes. You might also notice a foul odor as a result of sweat building under that area of excess skin. Unfortunately, no amount of exercise is going to eliminate stubborn skin like that. Take charge and gain your life and health back with a tummy tuck.

Gain Back Your Confidence

Obviously, you want to improve your health, but you also want to feel better about yourself. You want to wear regular clothes and not worry about pushing in extra tummy skin. When you get a tummy tuck, you should no longer have to hide behind large clothing and tucking in that unwanted bulge. Find the right doctor who can make you feel like you again!

If you are looking for a doctor who can do a tummy tuck in Chicago, please visit The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery at Follow us on twitter.

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