How a Contrast Injector Helps Diagnose Medical Problems

by | Sep 21, 2015 | Health

Doctors are now able to diagnose many diseases with the help of imaging equipment like MRI’s and CTs. Sometimes technicians just need patients to lie still in order to get “pictures” from the machines. However, it is very common for medical personnel to inject a safe dye into patients’ veins in order to get clear images of the areas they need to examine. The dye is actually a safe liquid that is administered using a Contrast Injector supplied by a company such as Precise Biomedical.

Imaging Contrast Is a Simple Procedure

Doctors often choose intravenous contrast (an agent injected into the vein) when they want to get a better look at the blood vessels, spine, brain, kidneys or liver. Patients usually do not have to do much to prepare for the procedure, although they are often told not to drink or eat for a few hours before. The test is normally done by a radiologist, nurse, or medical technician, who injects the liquid into a vein using a needle with an attached tube. A power-assisted Contrast Injector then pumps dye into veins.

Contrast Imaging Is Safe

Most patients have imaging tests done at hospitals or specialty medical facilities, so procedures are very safe. Their state-of-the-art equipment is provided by experienced experts who openly list their credentials on websites like These specialists sell, test and maintain a range of biomedical equipment. The dye that is used for imaging is also very safe, although some patients do experience minor side effects like itching or warmth. Procedures are carefully monitored and always under the control of medical professionals.

Imaging Studies Find Hidden Problems

Contrast CT scans are often ordered when doctors need a fast and accurate way to find hidden injuries or disease. They are sometimes done after a head injury when patients have head or neck swelling or severe headaches. As technicians study areas highlighted by the dye, they can quickly note a range of serious and minor problems.

Special dyes are often injected into patients’ veins when doctors want to check for internal injuries. The equipment and dyes that are used during these procedures are very safe and provided by biomedical experts.

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