Four Key Benefits of Akarkara Powder That Can Enhance Your Lifestyle

The Akarkara root has long been highly valued for its medicinal effects and consuming this herbal remedy in powder form can improve health in many ways. Here are four key benefits long associated with consuming Akarkara powder.

Digestive Health Improvement

Akarkara root is most commonly used for vitality and nutrient absorption. Akarkara contributes to stimulating gastric juices within the digestive system to speed up digestion and remove certain impurities from the body. The diuretic properties of this herb can be especially positive for addressing symptoms of constipation.

Bad Breath Treatment

For those suffering from chronic bad breath, Akarkara powder helps eliminate foul odors from the mouth and stomach. The cause of bad breath often derives from an upset stomach, and Akarkara’s ability to aid in digestive health can help keep your breath smelling fresh.

Improved Sexual Vitality

Ancient Ayurvedic treatment holds Akarkara root in the highest esteem to address sexual vitality. Traditionally, Akarkara root was used by men seeking to father children. The herb has been shown to increase sperm count along with testosterone production and libido.

Toothache Relief

Rubbing Akarkara powder topically on an aching tooth can bring about fast relief. For even better results, try combining the powder with Camphor, Vaividang or black pepper.

It’s no wonder Hildegard consider Akarkara (or, what she called Bertram) among her favorite remedies, and why so many people have turned to this herb to enhance their health naturally. At, you can learn more about the advantages of Akarkara powder and order additional products formulated to suppress appetite. Find more information by visiting

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