What Are Some of the Advantages of Visiting A Dentist in Tulsa?

by | Dec 17, 2019 | Dentist

A dentist can offer a large selection of services that can improve the patient’s health or give them a more attractive appearance. Examples include dental cleanings, orthodontic treatments, restorations, and teeth whitening.

What Is the Practice Like?

The dentist’s office is in a convenient location and offers evening and Saturday hours. They also provide same-day care to patients with emergencies. The dentist strongly emphasizes educating patients about good dental health and hygiene and preventing tooth decay and other problems. They offer a large variety of services to patients of all ages.

What Is an Ortho Screening?

An ortho screening, more formally known as an orthodontic screening, is a service in which the dentist monitors the emergence of a child’s permanent teeth to determine if they will eventually need orthodontic treatment.

Some children, for example, have a narrow palate that leads to crowding, so the orthodontist may recommend an appliance called a palatal ex pander to widen the jaw and make more space for the adult teeth. Such early intervention can reduce the need for braces or other treatments later on.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a group of treatments used to calm patients who are afraid of going to the dentist open on Saturday Tulsa. The patient may choose from three types: nitrous oxide or “laughing gas,” oral sedation, and IV sedation. Nitrous oxide is the mildest and IV sedation is the strongest.

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