Five Tips to Turn Your Inspiration into Action

Whether you’ve heard of the Inspiration into Action Podcast, it’s important to understand taking action on ideas is imperative to success. We typically enjoy working with inspired and compelling people, but it’s much better if you can become one. You do that by taking action on inspiring thoughts or ideas. According to the Turn Inspiration into Action podcast, here are five tips for taking action.

Write it Out

The second you feel inspired, put it down with pen and paper. Don’t type it out, write it out. It doesn’t matter what it is, just write it out. The power of this tip can’t be overemphasized.

Set Specific Goals

Thinking about vague notions won’t cut it. Take the time necessary to detail your goals and lay out what it takes to reach them. Set up interim milestones that are reachable and keep you moving toward your overall goal. If you need others to hold you accountable, do it so you can stay on track.

Start, Don’t Overthink

After the Inspiration into Action Podcast, you may feel ready. Don’t wait, don’t deliberate. Inaction is a major blocker to inspiration. Start immediately, even if it means walking around the block or making one simple phone call. Baby steps toward a goal are beneficial when coupled with consistency.

One Day One Step at a Time

You are most likely going to mess up. No one is perfect. Forget about it, and keep moving forward. When you stop to think too much about a misstep, you take a chance of knocking yourself out permanently. Just keep moving and make the right decision next time.

Enjoy the Journey

Don’t get discouraged by how far away your goal feels or seems. Instead, learn to enjoy each step of the journey you are on. Be in the moment and don’t obsess about what it’s going to be like to finish. Enjoy living in uncharted waters for now.

Would you like to learn more about putting action to your inspiring thoughts? Check out the Inspiration into Action Podcast on this website.

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