About the Angioplasty Procedure in Mansfield, TX

by | Jan 29, 2019 | Health

The care of your arteries and veins is important. At some point, you may need an angioplasty procedure in Mansfield, TX, by the experts in this field of medicine. As most of you know, the proper flow of blood in and out of your heart is how we all live a healthy and full life.

What Is Angioplasty?

Angioplasty is a minor surgical procedure that can restore proper blood flow to your heart. It’s accomplished by a surgeon inserting a catheter into your artery and cleaning out the blockage that has reduced the flow of blood.

This is the least invasive type of surgery and is preferred over bypass surgery for the restoration of blood flow.

How Is Angioplasty Completed?

The blockage removal is performed by the physician inserting a catheter into an artery either in your arm or leg. It is then guided to the blockage. Once in place, the balloon is expanded, which opens the artery, restoring the correct amount of blood flow to your heart.

When there is a fear or experience of having restenosis or the renarrowing of the artery, a stint can be put into place to keep the artery open.

What Is the Recovery Time for an Angioplasty Procedure in Mansfield, TX?

For non-emergency angioplasty, most patients can return to normal activity within a week. If the procedure was carried out because of a heart attack, the recovery could take up to a month.

The thought of having bypass surgery is scary for most, which is why an angioplasty procedure in Mansfield, TX, is the preferred option. This is the specialty of Total Vascular Wellness Center. If you want more information or want to make an appointment, contact them.

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