Eye Exam is always a best choice

Annual eye exams in Mount Prospect are the ideal way to detect changes in your vision and eye health. Some disorders of the eyes only produce subtle symptoms. Other conditions can come on suddenly, with warning signs only detectable with vision and eye testing. With professional eye exams, you can stay on top of your eye health and protect your eyes from damage.

Everyone should have an annual eye exam. If you have any chronic medical conditions that are known to affect the eyes, you may need to have your eyes checked more frequently, such as every three or six months. People with diabetes, high blood pressure and a history of infections, surgery or injuries of the eyes may need more frequent vision and eye checks.

If you have noticed an increase in headaches, eye fatigue or dryness in your eyes, a vision exam is a good idea. You might need a change in your eyeglasses or contacts prescription. If you have never worn glasses before, you might need to get them. Your eyes will gradually change as you get older. While you are a young adult, myopia may increase. As you approach middle age, changes in your eye shape may cause your myopia to improve a little. This often happens within a year or two of you needing bifocals.

As you get older, you might be diagnosed with a health condition that could have effects on your vision. If you are found to have heart disease, thyroid disease or autoimmune disorders, an eye exam is in order. When you are ready to schedule your family’s eye exams in Mount Prospect, give us at Arlington Eye Physicians LLC a call any time. You may also visit us online at Domain Url to learn more about our services and eye care products.

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