How to Get Medical Marijuana in PA

by | Sep 3, 2018 | Health

In the state of Pennsylvania, there are four steps involved to receive medical marijuana. First, you need to register for the state’s Medical Marijuana Registry. Next, you need to have a physician certify that you suffer from one of the qualifying conditions. As long as you meet the requirements for physician certification, you’ll be required to pay for a medical marijuana ID card. Once you receive your ID card, you can visit medical marijuana dispensaries in PA.

How to Register for Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana ID Card

The first step to accessing medical marijuana in Pennsylvania is to create a profile online. Profile requirements include an applicant’s basic information such as name, address, and contact information. You must also have a valid PA driver’s license or ID card.

How to Find an Approved Medical Marijuana Physician

Not all physicians in Pennsylvania will participate in the approval program. In order to be certified, the physician must be registered by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. If your doctor is not listed on the site, you can find other physicians that are certified to provide care for this program.

How to Get Registered by a Pennsylvania Physician for Medical Marijuana

After you’ve created your profile, you need to find an approved physician. You will need to schedule an appointment with an approved physician. He or she will then determine whether you meet the conditions for medical marijuana usage. The physician will have access to the Medical Marijuana Registry.

After your appointment, the physician will submit their certifications directly to the system. You will be notified after the appointment whether your condition qualifies for participation in the program. The list of conditions that qualify an individual for participation in this program is extensive. If you are denied participation in the program, you may be able to appeal the process.

How much is a Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana card?

In the state of Pennsylvania, a medical marijuana ID card is $50. Patients who are on a fixed income can get an ID card at a reduced cost. If you need a reduced cost ID card, you will need to talk to your caseworker.

Now that you know how to qualify for medical marijuana, you have all the information you need to begin this process. After you have created your profile, been approved by a participating physician, and paid for your ID card, you will be allowed to legally visit medical marijuana dispensaries in PA.

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