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Cloud-based software is the way of the future, and our urgent care EHR software solutions could be just the piece of technology that you need in order to increase your facility’s accuracy in billing, precision in handling patient medical records and level of productivity. Converting from paper records to EHRs is a time-consuming process, but our solution makes it go as smoothly as possible. We have put our software into the cloud, which means that your urgent care center does not have to maintain a server for it. Employees can convert the paper records to digital ones at any time, with any device and from any location. Perhaps you want to have a team of coding specialists do this off-site after-hours. Our software supports your plan.

Our cloud-based EHR solution allows you to customize the fields. When your physicians see patients in the clinic, the visits will be more productive. Instead of the doctor having to sort through countless pages of diagnostic results or lab summaries, they can simply click on the appropriate tab and see the most relevant or newest information. The stored data in the EHRs we create is all HIPAA compliant. This means that all of your patient data is fully protected. We can show you how to set up accounts with two-factor authentication and with the appropriate access and privacy levels in order to maintain the patient’s confidentiality.

Choosing our urgent care EHR software solutions means a more productive and profitable healthcare facility. It also means happier physicians, nurses, administrative staff and patients. When you are ready to make the switch, give us at PulseCheck a call. You may also visit us online at for additional information about our software and how it could turn your facility into a modern and more productive healthcare center.

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