Understanding How Cosmetic Eye Surgery is Done

by | May 20, 2019 | Health

It may never have occurred to you until recently that you can have cosmetic surgery performed on your eyes. You may be happy with the way the rest of your face looks. However, you may want the appearance and shape of your eyes to be improved through surgical means.

Before you undergo eyelid surgery, also known as a , you may want to know how this surgery is performed. By knowing how it is carried out, you can put your worries to rest and also anticipate what to expect during your upcoming recovery.

As with most minimally invasive surgeries, a blepharoplasty is typically done under local anesthesia. Before the start of the cosmetic facial surgery Jacksonville FL eye surgeons will numb and slightly sedate you. However, if you are particularly anxious and are not a risk factor for being put under general anesthesia, you could opt to be put to sleep during the surgery.

Once they start the cosmetic facial surgery Jacksonville FL eye surgeons will then make several small incisions in and alongside the eyelids. Your surgeon will remove excess fat and skin around the eyes before suturing shut the incisions. The results will change the shape and appearance of your eyes.

Your eyes will be bandaged with gauze and surgical tape immediately after the surgery is finished. You also will remain under observation for at least an hour after the surgery is done. This observation is to ensure you do not suffer from adverse side effects of the anesthesia or medications used on you.

Once you are stable, you will be allowed to return home to sleep and otherwise recuperate. You can expect to feel slightly itchy and achy for a few days. Your eyes should be healed up completely within two weeks after the surgery is finished.

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