Common Foot Problems

by | May 4, 2019 | Health

The human foot is one of the more complex part of the anatomy, it consists of a complex litany of bones, ligaments as well as muscles and tendons all working in harmony. Knowing this it will not be surprising to also know that the foot is susceptible to a wide range of problems including corns, bunions, plantar warts, toenail fungus and much more.

Bunions are quite common; this painful disorder affects many people. A bunion is bony protuberance; it appears at the base of the big toe on the outer side of the foot. Bunions are often caused by ill fitting shoes, the bunion pushes against the remaining toes making standing and walking a painful exercise. Depending on the severity of the disorder podiatrists in Kenosha WI can ease the pain by prescribing custom shoe inserts or if necessary, removing the bunion surgically.

Corns are patches of hardened skin that form on the toes; corns are another common foot problem. Bunions and corns share a common cause, shoes which are ill fitting. When the foot is put into a shoe which is too small or too tight the corn is subjected to pressure which results in pain. Corn plasters are a common OTC solution but if they do not work podiatrists in Kenosha WI can solve the problem by removing the hardened skin or prescribing an antibiotic.

Another common foot problem is plantar fasciitis which is condition where the tissue that links the heel to the toes becomes inflamed. Often the inflammation is the result of continual impact on the heel; this can be caused by running. This condition is prevalent in people who are overweight as the heel is subjected to excessive pressure. Plantar fasciitis results in acute pain in the heel while walking or running, the condition can be controlled with OTC pain killers but often it reaches the point where a podiatric surgeon must intervene.

Although different, plantar warts and athlete’s foot are common conditions which are often contacted in locker rooms or other damp areas that are in contact with the feet. Both plantar warts and athlete’s foot are contagious and should be treated quickly. A plantar wart can be removed by podiatrists in Kenosha WI by either surgical intervention or literally freezing it with liquid nitrogen. Athlete’s foot is a fungus rather than a growth; it is controlled by anti-fungal treatments or medication.

The foot is subjected to constant use and abuse; as a result intervention is often required. If you are looking for podiatrists in Kenosha WI browse our site for more information.

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