Chiropractic Care May Eliminate the Need for an Epidural in Temecula CA

An epidural is an anesthetic that is injected into the spine and produces a loss in sensation below the waist and is used during child birth. It is quite common; approximately 30% of women have an epidural during labor. The epidural in Temecula CA is given by an anesthesiologist; an injection is given in the lower back and then a hollow needle is guided between the small bones in the spine. The needle is in the epidural space, a catheter (hollow tube) is passed through the hollow needle which is then removed. The epidural is then taped in position and guided over the shoulder of the expectant mother to be. During labor the anesthesiologist will inject painkillers into the catheter numbing the lower tummy area and deadening labor pains. If the affect wears off a top up can be administered which will last between one and two hours.

During pregnancy a woman’s body goes through rapid changes and becomes stressed. As a result many women develop back pain and sciatica. The table which a chiropractor works on can expand to accommodate a pregnant woman lying on her stomach which allow for chiropractic care right up until the time of labor and delivery. Research carried out with woman who underwent chiropractic care during pregnancy showed that a full 90% reported pain relief. As the chiropractor makes minute adjustments the woman can find benefit with nervous system and body function which is important not only to the expectant woman but the development of the fetus. During labor, epidural Temecula CA treatment may not be needed. A study carried out by Harvard Medical School found an association between epidurals used to reduce birthing pains and sepsis in the newborn which required antibiotics.

Chiropractic care during pregnancy can eliminate the need for an epidural in Temecula CA which not only results in a healthier mother; it eliminates the potential of sepsis and the need to subject a newborn to antibiotics which is not good. Women who have had three or more pregnancies have 39% shorter labor time when they have had chiropractic care during pregnancy. During birth a mother’s body is stressed and the upper back often becomes tight which interferes with the back nerves and shows up as mid back or neck pain. Regular adjustments can help reduce back pain which often is caused by lifting and carrying the baby.

Whether you undergo chiropractic care during pregnancy or not is a decision that is best made by yourself, your obstetrician and the chiropractor. If the obstetrician knows of a condition which will make chiropractic care uncomfortable or provide little or no gain then of course it will not be a course of action.

Women who are well nourished and in good physical health will not have an issue with chiropractic care during pregnancy and should feel comfortable in doing so.



Consultation with a chiropractor with 20 years of experience should set you mind at rest and the elimination of an epidural in CA is well worth it.




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