Natural Chronic Fatigue Cure Options

by | Aug 23, 2012 | Healthcare

Chronic fatigue syndrome is more of a physical disease whereby a person is constantly feeling tired and dizzy even after sufficient periods of rest. This condition majorly occurs in people who have suffered either bacterial or viral infections and may be termed post-viral fatigue. Other causes can be strenuous use of the body and the brain in the form of exercise and work. Other likely causes of CFS are hormonal imbalances in the body due to stress and anxiety. Immune system dysfunction also may cause CFS. The medical remedies available majorly aid in combating either the headaches or the dizziness but not entirely curing the condition.

The most effective chronic fatigue cure is the majorly natural remedy. Naturotherapy is a branch of medicine that majorly focuses on diagnosing conditions by mainly physical examinations and using natural herbs, healthy diet, proper rest and exercise to combat diseases. It uses the body’s natural healing system to rectify the problem. Naturotherapy is a one of the most common natural cures of chronic fatigue syndrome. Some of the natural remedies for CFS are:

     1.      Ginseng and other natural herbs: The use of herbs in the treatment of complex conditions is not uncommon in the medical field. Ginseng is a natural herb that helps combat CFS by stimulating production of energy and hence reduces fatigue naturally. This herb has been used in Asia for a long period to help with fatigue. Other herbs that can stimulate energy production include: bee pollen, Ginko biloba and sage tea are natural remedies of CFS
     2.      Vitamins: Taking good portions of vitamins derived from fruits and vegetables can be a good chronic fatigue cure. Most components of the vitamin B like Nicotinamide Adenine Dineuclotide are essential cellular components that encourage production of cellular energy and hence fundamental in reducing fatigue in the body.

     3.      Carnitine: This is an important component in the body as it is responsible for transport of long fatty acids to the cellular powerhouse: the mitochondria for breakdown into energy. Tests conducted on people with CFS have shown low quantities of carnitine a boost in carnitine levels will help reduce fatigue. Some of the food sources of carnitine include meat, dairy products, cooked asparagus and whole bread.

     4.      Essential fatty acids: essential fatty acids in the body are important sources of energy in the body availability of healthy fatty acids in the body are essential in curbing fatigue. Viral infections reduce the ability of body cells to synthesize and produce energy hence providing fatty acids will help reduce the effects of CFS. The food sources of essential fatty acids include fish, sunflower seeds, walnuts and soya oil.

     5.      Aromatherapy: The use of tea tree has been used to strengthen the body’s immune system to help with curing CFS.

It is important that while doing nature therapy you consult physicians on what you require to cure Chronic fatigue syndrome. Some of the chronic fatigue cure can be toxic if taken in excess. Proper sleep and healthy diets are essential in ensuring quick recovery.




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