Call the Animal Hospital to Inform the Receptionist about Your Arrival

When your pet has a serious injury, the cat or dog needs care at an animal hospital in Bucktown, Il., as quickly as possible. Before arriving at the facility, call the receptionist to tell her about your pet’s injury. If this is your pet’s routine veterinarian’s office, then the receptionist will have an animal’s medical file ready to help your pet. The information in this file will help your veterinarian to understand the past medical issues, age and medications concerning your pet to begin an effective treatment for the animal.

Begin Emergency Treatment for a Pet’s Injuries Right Away

If your dog or cat has been hit by a vehicle, then the animal may have one or more broken bones. A broken bone causes pain, but it can also damage an internal organ or blood vessel, leading to bleeding or an inability to breathe normally. At an animal hospital in Bucktown, a veterinarian can collect instant X-rays or use other medical imaging equipment to see what is wrong with a pet. This makes it possible to begin treatment right away without causing additional damage.

Learn More about the Importance of Professional Pet Care

When your cat or dog has breathing difficulties, the animal hospital in Bucktown has the proper respiratory apparatus, and if your pet needs a blood transfusion, then the veterinarian will have bags of stored blood or blood plasma available. While the assistants stabilize your pet, the veterinarian will plan surgery to look for internal bleeding or to repair broken bones. After surgery, your pet is monitored closely to make sure that there aren’t any complications. To learn more about the importance of professional hospital care for pets, visit the Village West Veterinary website.

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