Beginning Recovery From Hydrocodone Dependency in Navarre, FL

by | Jun 4, 2019 | Healthcare

Men and women can begin recovering from Hydrocodone Dependency in Navarre FL at a local treatment center. There, they are shown respect and understanding from the staff members whose goal is to help people who have become addicted to various substances.

The Opioid Crisis

As an opiate drug, hydrocodone is one of the substances associated with the opioid crisis affecting the United States today. Addiction to these drugs has skyrocketed over the years. When people can no longer obtain hydrocodone through a legitimate prescription, they may resort to buying the medications on the street or turning to heroin.

Many Avenues to Treatment

People come to treatment centers through many avenues. Some seek treatment for Hydrocodone Dependency in Navarre FL because they’ve finally realized the problem is too big for them to solve without professional help. Perhaps a family member has inadvertently discovered that prescription medication is disappearing much faster than it should and has spoken to the person who is doubling or tripling the dosage. Others are required to participate due to a court order.


Another faction of individuals arrives at a treatment center after an overdose lands them in an emergency room. Opiate overdoses have reached alarming levels. In many instances, the person has been clean for months or even years and then decides to use again. Unfortunately, this can be a deadly decision. The person may be unsure what constitutes a safe dose now.

If hydrocodone is bought from a street dealer, it is difficult to know whether the drug contains other, more-dangerous, components. A drug presented as pure hydrocodone may be cut with fentanyl, and taking that combination drug may be lethal. In fact, hydrocodone laced with fentanyl was found at the musician Prince’s home after his death.

Taking Action

When it’s time to take action, a treatment center like Business Name can be invaluable. Clients can receive medicine that helps them break free of hydrocodone dependency. They can be provided with psychiatric care and psychological counseling. They learn techniques that help them stay clean for good after breaking the habit. Recovery is an ongoing process, but it can be a fulfilling journey.

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