5 Essential Traits Every Home Caregiver Should Have

by | Jun 4, 2019 | Health

It can take weeks of searching to find a qualified caregiver to assist with your loved one’s needs. Not only should the in-home caregiver Philadelphia PA be skilled and qualified, the caregiver should possess good personal qualities. Here are 5 essential traits every home caregiver should have.

Caregivers should be patient.
From dementia to balance issues, many patients are dealing with a variety of health conditions. As a result of these conditions, caregivers must be patient at all times when they are assisting their in-home healthcare clients. Caregivers must display a great deal of patience in their mannerisms and tone of voice.

Caregivers should be attentive.
In-home caregivers are hired to take care of patients and pay attention to them. They should be able to determine when patients have mood changes or aren’t feeling well.

Caregivers should be dependable.
This means that caregivers should arrive on time. If they aren’t able to provide services on a particular day, they should alert their clients in advance.

Caregivers should be trustworthy.
Homes are personal spaces for patients and their families. Inviting an in-home caregiver into their homes can be unnerving for some patients. Caregivers should be trustworthy people who won’t steal from clients or violate their trust.

Caregivers should treat patients with respect.
As people get older, they aren’t as active or healthy as they were in the past. Caregivers should always show compassion and respect to patients. They should never belittle them or make them feel inferior for any reason.

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