Annoyances and Time Wasters: Why Laser Hair Treatment is Right for You

The concept of behind women shaving their armpit hair is due to the fact that it is considered “dirty looking” by modern society. However, as many women will attest, constantly having to shave your armpits can be annoying. That’s why it is often recommended that women in Cardiff opt for laser hair removal instead.

What is Laser Hair Removal? explains that it is a process that utilizes direct laser exposure onto specific portions of the skin in order to inhibit hair growth. This happens because the laser damages the follicle responsible for producing hair. The area that was subjected to laser treatment no longer grows hair, and may not produce hair for months or even years. Aside from armpit hair, laser hair removal can be utilized on other parts of the body such as the arms, legs, etc. However, do note though that in some clinics, the greater the surface area that requires treatment, the more you have to pay. When you set an appointment you need to know about how much the clinic charges before you jump right in.

Is it Painful? states that this sort of treatment procedure is hardly painful since the lasers are meant to only affect the hair and not the surface area of the skin. However, once the process is done, the area that was treated may feel somewhat sensitive. The clinic will provide you with various ice packs and even anti-inflammatory creams if you feel uncomfortable immediately after the procedure, but this outcome is relatively rare. After your treatment is over you will need to avoid the sun for a few days since your skin is quite sensitive to external damage. If you do need to go out, it is highly recommended that you use some form of sunblock to protect your skin from damage or at least wear long sleeved shirts.

Is One Treatment Enough?

Actually, explained that one treatment is not enough to ensure that your hair will not grow back. On average, it takes around seven total treatments to sufficiently damage the follicles to ensure that there will be no further hair growth in the future.

In Conclusion

All in all, this form of treatment is an excellent way for you to avoid having to repeatedly shave your hair by ensuring that all future hair growth on that part of the body is blocked.

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