Your Eye Exam in Clarksville TN Explained

by | Oct 18, 2012 | Healthcare

Taking less than half an hour out of your schedule every two years does not sound like much of a chore, but a staggering amount of people avoid getting their eye exam in Clarksville TN each year. An eye exam in Clarksville TN is essential for keeping vision at its height and while you may feel that your vision has not changed whatsoever, there could be underlying problems such as glaucoma and cataracts. Wearing glasses or contact lenses that are not prescribed suitably for your eyes could cause your eyesight to worsen, which is why you simply must visit your local eye care provider. If you feel anxious about an eye exam in Clarksville TN, you should broaden your knowledge on this pain-free procedure.

Signs You May Need an Eye Exam in Clarksville TN

An optometrist will recommend patients to visit them for an eye exam in Clarksville TN at least once every two years however, if you experience certain symptoms you might need to arrange a test sooner than expected. Blurry vision indicates that something could be wrong, as well as headaches or double vision. There is no need to worry about these side effects though because often, they can be confused for something else such as fatigue or dehydration. Additional signs that you might need an eye exam include vision spots, flashing lights, eyestrain, problems seeing at night and difficulty adjusting vision.

Equipment Used for an Eye Exam in Clarksville TN

There are a few different parts to an eye exam in Clarksville TN and each part will focus on certain areas of the eye. Once the optometrist has welcomed you, they will use a non-contact tonometer. During this stage, puffs of air will be blown into each eye and this signifies the pressure inside the eye. High pressure may be a sign of glaucoma, proving this to be a very important stage. Following this, the auto refractor will be used to determine your eye focus. The final part of the process will involve using a retinoscope, test chart and ophthalmoscope. Disease can be found at this point and if noticed early, treatment will be successful.

Discussing Your Needs after an Eye Exam in Clarksville TN

If your eye exam in Clarksville TN proved that there were no changes with your vision, you can schedule another exam in two years. If the exam showed a difference in your vision, glasses may be prescribed. You will then be asked some questions about your vision needs so that the optometrist can offer a suitable form of treatment or prescription. Glasses may be a better option for you or even Lasik eye surgery, so it is important to be honest with the optometrist if you are to be satisfied with the final result.


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