Your Children Don’t Have to Suffer with Acne

by | Oct 30, 2018 | Health

Being a kid going to school can be a scary enough thing to do without having to do so covered in acne. Through no fault of their own, teenagers can be made to feel awkward or bad because of their complexion. This can lead to them feeling ostracized from making friends and their outlook on school will be incredibly negative. By visiting a dermatologist that offers acne treatment in Chesterfield, MO area, their problem can be cleared up and their confidence restored.

What Can a Dermatologist Do?

With the use of different treatments a dermatologist can clear up a patient’s acne significantly in 6 to 8 weeks. There are 11 different types of acne and some of them can present some serious medical issues. A board-certified dermatologist will be able to diagnose the kind of acne your child has and devise a treatment plan that will be the most effective. This can include oral medications, topical creams or ointments, light therapies, and in some cases, laser treatments as well.

Don’t Touch It!

If you have acne is it critically important that you don’t pick at it. It can be tempting to try to pick or pop it, but, this can lead to permanent scarring or dark patches on the skin. This means that later in life you are left with gouges in the skin or blemishes that could necessitate the need for more cosmetic dermatology treatments.

You Need an Acne Specialist

West County Dermatology uses modern treatment methods in order to provide their clients with the quality skin care that they deserve. You can make your child’s school life less stressful by taking them to meet with a board-certified, licensed professional that knows how to treat their acne issues. Contact West County Dermatology today to let them find the right acne treatment for your child.

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