Why the Gummy Breast Implants are the Safest Breast Implants in New York

by | Jan 28, 2015 | Health

Saline implants have had a long-standing reign as the most popular type of breast augmentation surgery. However, that reign is being relinquished to the safest breast implants in New York, or the gummy bear implant. The natural-looking implants are innovative silicone implants that are more cohesive and dense than their regular silicone counterparts. When the implants are inserted, they are as pliable as gummy bear candy. That is why they are referred to as “gummy bear” type implants.

Therefore, patients who are looking for a reliable material for increasing their breast size or for improving the looks of their breast, have discovered that the safest breast implants in New York are indeed the gummy bear implants.

Less Leakage and Chance for Rupture

Because of the density of the gummy bear implant, it proves to be more durable and leak-proof as well. Saline implants can cause difficulties for the user as they have a tendency to leak or even go flat. In addition, regular silicone implants can leak too, all which can make a patient quite sick. Patients have had to remove traditional silicone implants because of this kind of issue.

With respect to breast augmentation then, the safest breast implants in New York are the gummy bear implants as the innovative device makes it possible for women to meet their goal of having larger or more attractive breasts using an implant that also is more natural-looking.

Fewer Complications

The FDA-approved implants are also considered the safest breast implants as they offer fewer complications during and after surgery. Because of its cohesiveness, this form of stable implant poses less risk of silicone gel migration, especially if the shell of the implant ruptures. Therefore, gummy bear implants identify more easily to saline implants, which only release salt water if they happen to break.

Because gummy bear implants feel so natural, they are not only considered the safest breast implants in New York, they provide the most natural way to increase the size of the breast or enhance it shape. The cohesive implants also lower the risk of capsular contracture or the formation of scar tissue surrounding the implants. Why scarring develops is currently unknown. However, some of the gummy bear devices feature texturization, which lessens the development of scarring.

Because gummy bear implants are form-stable implants, it means that the gel is firm and harder than the regular silicone variety. The form-stable designation also means that the implants must be inserted through a larger incision as the shape of the device cannot be altered. Therefore, incisions for silicone and saline implants are normally smaller.

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