Why Seniors Choose Expert Home Care Instead of Skilled Nursing Facilities

by | Dec 2, 2016 | Senior Health

Not too long ago senior citizens with medical conditions often spent months or even years in hospitals or nursing centers. Today many turn to experts like Careminders Home Care and arrange for personalized services. Some patients feel that Skilled Nursing Facilities and hospitals are impersonal feel more secure with top-notch home care. At home skilled nursing also allows clients to enjoy familiar surroundings and people.

Patients Thrive in Their Homes

Although many fine Skilled Nursing Facilities work hard to seem homey, most patients are simply more comfortable surrounded by the people, animals and things they love. They usually feel better and recover faster in familiar surroundings. Seniors can maintain their dignity and have more control over day-to-day decisions. At home care also allows them to have as many visitors as they want, whenever they want. In fact, overall, it provides seniors with a better quality of life than an institution could offer.

Home Care Can Be Personalized

Hospitals and long-term care facilities are designed for efficiency and require patients to work with established routines and schedules. However, home care professionals operate differently. They evaluate each patient and create custom care plans for them. Working with patients’ doctors, they monitor seniors’ health and constantly alter plans as needed. Patients can arrange for full-time or part-time services. Family caregivers may even temporarily hire home-care nurses when seniors are recovering from surgeries or illnesses.

A Skilled Staff Offers Industry Leading Care

Those who choose in-home skilled nursing services are assigned highly trained, professional caregivers. Nurses are carefully screened and can provide a wide range of services. They monitor vital signs, care for wounds, and provide ostomy care. Nurses can do blood and other lab work. They monitor tube feeding as well as technology dependent and catastrophic care. Nurses maintain ventilators. They also routinely assess patients’ overall health and provide feedback to doctors.

It is becoming more common for elderly patients and their families to arrange for at-home nursing care. Today’s skilled nursing services not only provide exceptional medical care but allow seniors to thrive in familiar environments. Home nursing also allows medical personnel to offer custom care and alter it as needed.

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