Why Opt for Health Club Software?

by | Feb 10, 2014 | Health & Fitness

In the current century, advancing digitally is the only sure way of staying relevant in the market for businesses and all corporate revenues. That includes work out, fitness and general health providers.

Health club software is special software that helps you to better and improve the running of your club or organization. It helps improve experience with your customers and enhance accessibility and efficiency of your club since you can easily advertise and market yourself through social mediums like Twitter and Facebook.

Features of the software

 * Offers online booking site- the software displays you schedules and activities carried out in your club. This enables your clients and prospect customers to see what you offer and makes it easy for them to book or enroll into a session
* Auto billing services- when using the software there minimal paper load since the staff can easily fill in the payments made and enroll new members with no hassle.
* Credit card protection- The software has a site meant for clients’ credit cards processes, this site is restricted to authorized personnel and it is highly encrypted making it difficult to hack. This offers a sense of security and confidentiality to both your club and the client.
* Billing information- The software has a site that allows clients to access their billing records and the staff to monitor to the billing practices of their clients.
* Confirmation and reminders- The software enables your employees to send out automated messages to clients showing them upcoming activities and sessions. The clients can also confirm bookings online by logging into your site
* Marketing gateway- The software acts as a marketing tool because you can use it to send out your activities, offers, promotions, and new classes to your clients. It is also an efficient record storage.

The advantages of using the Software

a) Easy transaction method- You do not have to have your clients make long queues when they are making payments. Instead, they can just log in and make online transactions that will be reflected on your account directly.
b) Easy for grouping- The traditional way of ensuring that you have your spot into any club was by confirming your name on a big book, it involved perusing voluminous pages. However, digital age and processes requires you to have access to a computer and internet and you can confirm your group and time. It is also easy for the employees to classify each member according to groups.
c) Revenue for better communication- The software enables your customer care representatives and instructors to keep in touch with the clients and are able to answer any arising questions on time.

Health club software helps you do all these in a glamour that is professional, organized, and, modern. It is time saving and clients can easily confirm their schedules, make payments and be constantly in touch with their trainers.




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