Why Lung Scans Are Beneficial

Whether you are a smoker or a non-smoker, it is always beneficial to go out to obtain a . Even non-smokers are at risk because of the fact that they may be exposed to second-hand smoking or something within the environment that they’re breathing. Working in a factory that deals with chemicals could be a good example. The scan can help you detect if there are any abnormalities happening within the lungs at an early stage. The lung scan can also help to find any blood clots that prevent the normal flow of blood and to check the flow of air in your lungs. When you go to get a scan, there are two types of scans that one would get at the same time. One is called the ventilation scan – which is to be inhaled within the lungs. The other type of scan is the perfusion scan – which is a substance that is injected into a vein in an arm.

Many patients over the years have found out that they have lung cancer just from getting a scan done. Luckily, many of those patients were just in the early stages of lung cancer and the doctors were able to save them in time. Most times if it’s too late, the patient roughly has no more than five or six years to live. Lung cancer has claimed more deaths among Americans than any other forms of cancer. The scan itself doesn’t take more than a minute to be complete; however, you would have to hold your breath for about thirty seconds.

Price wise, a lung scan in Oklahoma City could be from about $500 upwards to $2,500 depending upon how much tests one would need. It also depends on how damaged the lungs may be and if any additional testing has to be done. Most health insurance companies tend to cover the cost of the scans even if it’s considered a pre-existing condition. This would be something that one should discuss with their health insurance provider to make sure that they’ll cover everything. There are some medical providers that would provide a free scan especially if your income is low.

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