Why Indian Remy Hair Is the Best Choice for Your Units and Weaves

Indian Remy hair is one of the most sought after commodities in the hair community. It is often deemed the most superior quality hair that one can find, offering a natural and lush appearance. In terms of units and extensions, Indian Remy is preferred over all other alternatives, including synthetic hair.

Benefits of Remy Hair

Remy hair is considered the most aesthetically pleasing and authentic of all hair types in the market. In terms of artificial hair integration, it is important to achieve both an enviable and natural look. The lustrous quality and natural beauty of Remy hair make it fitting for any weave installation or unit creation.

Another critical benefit of Remy hair is you do not have to adhere to any specific guidelines when using it. This means that you can dye it and style it as you would your very own hair. You can condition it, shampoo with, cut it, and even style it using heat, as well.

Indian Remy hair offers yet another impressive benefit, as it is both smooth and has minimal tangling. This bestows a lightweight and effortless look that suits any occasion. Remy hair is also considered to be much healthier and sturdier than the alternatives.  Not to mention, it is considerably fortified, strong and durable compared to other types of hair. The intact cuticles account for its stunning and shiny appearance and minimal tangling.

Of course, no hair extensions or units would be complete without easy maintenance. Remy hair is exceedingly easy to style and maintain because it is so lustrous,  and healthy.

Compared to Synthetic Hair and Normal Human Hair

Synthetic hair has surged in popularity over the years, as it is the most cost-effective option on the market. However, generally speaking, the costs of purchasing synthetic hair often outweigh the benefits, and here is why. Synthetic hair may appear beautiful, soft and lustrous at first, but it soon begins to matte, dry, and deviates from its initial quality. Synthetic hair has to be replaced routinely because it is not durable, and it is susceptible to tangling, as well. The synthetic fibers expire very shortly after purchase and produce a frizzing effect in most cases. Furthermore, you cannot apply, hair dye or heat to your synthetic extensions either. While some synthetic fiber wigs are heat resistant, majority are not, especially when wishing to flat iron or curl.

Some people refer to cheaper human hair alternatives to obtain the benefits of authentic hair, without the Remy hair costs. Yet, this too often leads to dire results. While human hair can be dyed, permed and style, it frizzes and tangles shortly thereafter, losing its shine and strength.

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