Why Having a Mobile Pet Scan Machine in Evergreen Terrace Is a Great Idea

Maintaining a full-sized traditional PET scanning device can be great if you are running a busy hospital in a large city, but if you run a modest a smaller clinic like what is much more prevalent. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect to see when you have a mobile PET imaging unit at your disposal.

Low Capital

Much unlike large scanners, there is no high amount of capital required to get a mobile unit onsite at your clinic. Most mobile unit providers offer new and used machines as well as refurbished scanners. There will be something available that meets your budget.

Always At The Ready

Since mobile means the ability to move, you can rest assured that the Mobile PET Imaging unit can be used wherever it is truly needed. If there is an emergency where accident victims may not be able to be easily moved, the mobile unit will be there. If there are certain areas of the hospital that may be under construction or otherwise inaccessible, you can move the unit and still perform the testing.

Keep Costs Down

You can easily keep costs down while expanding your lines of service by purchasing mobile PET scan machines. Since costs are low, you can also buy other equipment that will increase your services exponentially.

If you need top-quality medical equipment, contact Cardiac Imaging, Inc. You will be more than happy with the additional services you can provide your patients.

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