Why Choose Seniors Independent Living in Westchester County, NY?

by | Dec 26, 2017 | Assisted Living

For older people that are fiercely independently minded, the thought of moving into senior housing is something that repels them and causes them fear. Their mindset is this: why move into an old-age home where I will be treated like a fool? In most cases, these people still lead pretty healthy and dynamic lives, and so moving into a senior residential facility seems absurd.

For them, living independently is the single biggest signifier that they are still young-at-heart, and that death’s door is far away. It is the symbol of their lost youth and represents a critical part of the way that they view themselves and the way that society views and treats them as a whole.

What Independent Living Offers

It’s important to understand the differences between seniors independent living and others types of senior living facilities. Independent living recognizes that the residents have fewer health needs than other elderly people. Seniors independent living in Westchester County, NY understands that its residents still lead pretty active social lives and want to retain as much of their independence as possible.

A seniors independent living facility typically offers the following:

  • Independent unit, home, or apartment-style housing that offers full cooking facilities
  • The freedom to come and go at will
  • A central meeting hall where residents may gather if they wish to participate in common activities, such as Bingo nights and dances

Choosing the Right Senior Living Arrangement

Choosing a senior living option is not an easy thing to do. There are often many emotions involved, and there is resistance to change, which is inevitable. The good news is that Oasis Senior Advisors – Westchester County can offer useful guidance on what each type of living option offers. This makes the process of choosing much easier. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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