Where Can You Buy KN95 Masks to Protect Yourself and Your Family?

Before the pandemic, you could find KN95 masks anywhere, even at your local hardware store. Now they’re nearly impossible to find in retail settings. You’ve searched everywhere, but you’ve been forced to settle for a handmade cloth mask, and you’re worried that it won’t be effective against the COVID-19 virus. Where can you go to buy a mask from a safe, reputable company?

How to Buy a KN95 Mask Online

You probably won’t have much luck at online retail stores, and Amazon is often sold out as well. But many medical supply websites still have masks in stock. They’re not commonly viewed by the general public, so they’re much more likely to have masks on hand, as well as other health supplies like gloves and hand sanitizers. To find one of these websites, try searching for “medical supply store.” There, you’ll find medical-grade products that are traditionally used in hospitals and medical offices. These products are typically even safer than the ones you’d find at the store because they were specifically made for medical use. You might also be able to take advantage of special bulk prices.

To order from a medical supply store, you don’t need to own a company or business–most of them will ship to individual consumers as well as offices. Simply input your billing and shipping information and they’ll send you a box of masks, no questions asked.

To buy a KN95 mask online, go to the Provisions Supplies website at https://www.provisionssupplies.com/. They sell five-layer masks that can filter out 95% of particles.

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