When to Use Propylene Glycol E-Liquid

When deciding which liquid is the most appropriate choice for diluting nicotine, you may have come across propylene glycol E-liquid. However, you may be unsure as to whether or not this is the best option for your intended application. By learning more about this particular e-liquid, you can make the best possible determination for your needs.

What is Propylene Glycol?

Propylene Glycol, also referred to as PG. is actually a petroleum byproduct. The actual fluid doesn’t have any color or odor and is not as thick as vegetable glycerine. It also holds more flavor than vegetable glycerin which is why it is frequently selected over its counterpart.

Effectively Dilute Nicotine

Nicotine dilutions in propylene glycol E-liquid are typically used to dilute the nicotine prior to it being inhaled. It is often chosen instead of vegetable glycerine for vaping due to it hitting the throat harder for a more intense experience. Another advantage over vegetable glycerin is that it produces much less smoke.

Perfect E-Juice

Propylene glycol E-liquid is actually the main component in e-juice and is mixed with nicotine and flavoring to get the resultant e-cigarette juice that has become wildly popular for beginners and vaping enthusiasts alike. When heated, this substance produces a vapor which allows it to be easily inhaled. Most modern vaping stores use a combination of both propylene glycol E-liquid and vegetable e-liquid.

To ensure quality, the nicotine is diluted with propylene glycol E-liquid in a facility that is fully GMP certified in order to guarantee the purity of the product. The entire solution must pass through rigorous testing to ensure its viability.

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