When to See a Throat Doctor in Fort Myers

Are you suffering from hoarseness or a sore throat? Do you find that you have difficulty breathing or swallowing or your voice has changed and you are unable to figure out why this is the case? In these situations and many others, you should be seen by a throat doctor in Fort Myers. The throat doctor or otolaryngologist treats disorders of the throat, nose and ear and may also be referred to as an ENT. What makes a throat doctor in Fort Myers different from other medical professionals and what do they treat?

A throat doctor must attend medical school and then complete a minimum of five years of specialty training. Before he or she can practice as an ENT, a certification exam offered by the American Board of Otolaryngology must be successfully passed. The doctor can then treat conditions of the ear, nose, and throat, including conditions which affect singing and speech, eating, digestion, and swallowing. The doctor not only diagnoses these conditions, but also manages them and treats them. They do many other things related to the nose, ear, and throat also.

The ear, nose, and throat doctor undergoes training to diagnose tumors, deformities of the face, head and neck, trauma, and diseases. If one is in need of cosmetic and/or reconstructive surgery on any of these areas, an ENT specialist may be called in. Some doctors choose to specialize in a subspecialty area of this field, including laryngology, a field focusing on the voice, throat, and swallowing, head and neck surgery for those with tumors in these two areas, pediatric otolaryngology for children with ear, nose and throat problems, and facial reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

When you have sustained an injury to your throat or you have a nerve problem in this area, the ENT can be of help. The same is true if you find your have pain in your throat or you have a child born with a throat defect. An ENT is often called in on cases involving the tonsils and adenoids, especially when an infection is present, and also in cases where one has a growth on the throat or is having difficulty breathing. Don’t hesitate to turn to an ENT today. Although general practitioners are trained to diagnose numerous conditions, there are times when a specialist is needed. Don’t delay in seeing one as your health is of great importance.

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