When To Bring Your Child To The Emergency Pediatric Care Center In Marlboro NJ

It’s not always easy to decide if it’s better to keep a sick child at home in bed or to bundle the child up and head for the Emergency Pediatric Care Center in Marlboro NJ. Each parent knows their child and has to decide when immediate medical care is needed.

A High Fever

How your child is acting when he or she has a high temperature is important. Some children only have a high temperature when they’re really ill while others develop a fever whenever they’re sick. However, if the child acts sleepy, listless, is breathing fast or won’t eat or drink, the child should be seen by a doctor even if the child doesn’t have a fever.

* Any baby under three months old with a fever over 100.4 F should be seen by the doctor immediately.

*Children aged three months to three years old should see the doctor with a fever over 102 F.

*For children over three years old, evaluate both the child’s behavior and the child’s temperature.

Breathing Problems

Any time a child is having difficulty breathing, goes to the doctor or emergency room immediately.

Pain that Doesn’t Go Away

Take the child to the doctor when the child is in pain that doesn’t go away. Persistent ear aches, bad sore throats, lingering stomach aches and severe headaches should all be examined by a doctor.

Eye Problems

If the children wakes up with the eyelids stuck together with a thick discharge and the eyes look no better as the day progresses, go to the doctor.

Frequent Diarrhea or Vomiting

If a child can’t keep down enough liquid to produce urine at least once in six hours, this can indicate dehydration. Severe dehydration must be treated in the emergency room. If any blood can be seen, this is also an emergency condition.

The Child isn’t Getting Better or Has Been Exposed to a Contagious Illness

Any illness that lingers or is getting worse must be seen by the doctor. A persistent stiff neck or a child with no energy or who has been exposed to a contagious illness should be evaluated by a physician.

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