What You Need to Know About a Certified Recovery Coach

by | May 5, 2015 | Health

What Is Recovery Coaching?

A certified recovery coach is an individual who has done extensive work and research in the field of aiding clients along a path to healthy living. These individuals form a professional relationship with their clients with the aim of identifying their goals, planning how to achieve them, and then actualizing that plan. These relationships are meant to empower the client as he or she presses forward through life. Though they are professional, they are meant to mimic the peer relationships of other programs. The client guides his or her own recovery while the coach uses expertise and experience in the field to steer the process. The process requires clear plans to visualize and realize future goals, whether they be personal or professional.

How Qualified Are They?

A certified recovery coach goes through a rigorous certification process to ensure that he or she is qualified to help others increase their quality of life. Most programs are offered online. They train an individual in the physical, psychological, and sociological processes necessary for a successful transition to sober living. They are detailed and involved, utilizing time-tested and client-proven strategies. Coaches measure success in the maintained recovery of their clients, and certification programs measure success by the strength of their coaches. This way, you can know that you are dealing with an empathetic, involved, and well-qualified individual.

Who Needs One?

The definition of recovery is one that is often hotly contested. However, these coaches tend to work with anyone who identifies as an addict. Alcoholics, drug addicts, gambling addicts, over-spenders, and any other conceivable kind of addict can benefit from the structure and support provided. While some choose to specialize in certain areas such as families of addicts or financial ramifications, many are open to working with a vast array of clients. Finding the right coach can be a matter of searching for one who serves your particular needs.

How Much Does it Cost?

While your greatest consideration when picking a certified recovery coach should be building a rapport with the coach and assessing whether he or she can help you on the road to sober living, money constraints are a reality that must be considered. This field is in its infancy, and most coaches work for themselves, so prices can vary. However, most programs suggest $25.00 per hour as the lowest a coach should charge. You can consider this the lowest price you will probably find from a licensed professional. More experienced individuals charge as much as $150.00 per hour. The most stable option would probably be negotiating a flat rate for a block of hours. That way, both the coach and the client know how much money to expect.

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