What To Expect When Getting A Hearing Aid In North Hills

by | Jan 7, 2013 | Healthcare

Many people with suspected hearing loss are hesitant to look into hearing aids in North Hills. Some might be concerned that a hearing aid will make them look old or less attractive. Many people might be surprised to learn that some modern hearing aids are smaller than a watch battery and invisible to others. Also, the process of going to an audiologist to find if a diagnosis of hearing loss is true can seem daunting because most people are not familiar with it. In fact, the initial screening process used to determine if you have suffered from hearing loss is easy and pain-free.

First, an audiologist will need to determine the extent of your hearing loss. You will be put in a sound proof room where you will be asked to indicate when you hear different tones and you will be asked to repeat words such as “bat” and “put.” The entire process typically takes less than 15 minutes. Then, your audiologist will be able to identify if your hearing is in the normal range or not across various tones. For instance, your hearing might be in the normal range for high tones but not for some lower tones. After consulting with an certified medical doctor who is an ENT, or Ear Nose and Throat Specialist, you can typically identify if your hearing loss can be made better by a hearing aid, medication, or combination of the two. Sometimes, surgery alone can be a good option. Once you have decided that hearing aids in North Hills might be a viable option, you can consult with your audiologist to learn about different types of hearing aids. Even if you are unsure as to if you want a hearing aid, it never hurts to learn more about all of your options.

When looking for an ENT and audiologist to help with your hearing loss and treatment by hearing aids in North Hills, be sure to note certain things. First, never work with a medical professional who refuses to explain things to you. For example, you should have any questions answered about the results of the test for your hearing loss and what they mean. Perhaps you noticed prior to your appointment that you have difficulty understanding spoken male voices, especially when there is background noise. The results of your hearing test could provide an explanation. Also, it is nice to have a full range of services in one location. Driving across town to receive all of your needed hearing services can become very cumbersome in the event you have to make the trek multiple times. In short, looking into hearing aids in North Hills is a wise idea as you have almost nothing to lose.

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