What to Expect in New York Couples Therapy

by | Jan 7, 2014 | Dentist

The purpose of couples therapy in New York is to help people better understand each other, resolve conflicts and work on improving their relationship. It is a place where couples can argue in a healthier way and make well thought out decisions regarding their relationship.

It is common for couples to be afraid to go through therapy simply because they don’t know what to expect. If your relationship is in need of professional help, find a couples therapist immediately to help you make a well informed decision.

First, be prepared to answer a number of questions asked by your therapist. During the first sessions, the therapist will want to know more about your history. You will have to be open, honest and talkative during couples therapy in New York sessions.

Sometimes the therapist may decide to have a one on one session with each partner in separate appointments and then later on talk to you both together. Therapists have different ways of handling their clients. Just ensure you ask as many questions as possible before you begin couples therapy just to avoid any surprises.

Expect the first visits to your therapist to be quite uncomfortable. It is never fun dealing with your problems. You may find out things that you did not know about your partner during the New York couples therapy. You can also express some emotions or feelings that you did not know existed during therapy. Opening up is part of the healing process so don’t be afraid to express yourself. The first sessions may not be as fruitful as you expect because you are still getting to understand what’s going on.

Additionally, you shouldn’t give yourself a specific timeline to work through everything. There are couples who will be able to resolve their issues after a few weeks of couples therapy whereas others will take months or even years before they work through everything. The earlier you begin to tackle your issues, the better it is.

Most importantly, do not expect couples therapy to save your relationship. The therapist is only teaching you how to deal with your conflicts without their help. This may take time. Therapy can help people build their relationship. Sometimes the couples therapy New York services helps one to figure out if they are better off separating amicably. Either way, the two partners should be able to utilize the help they get from a therapist to make well informed decisions regarding their relationship. Visit Linda Charnes, LMFT for more information.

You may find out things that you did not know about your partner during the New York couples therapy. For more information visit the website or like us on Facebook.

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