What to Expect from Spider Vein Treatment in NewYork

Many people hide their legs every day because of the unsightly veins. These veins, known as spider veins, are easily treatable for most. A treatment will remove these purplish colored veins, leaving behind legs that can be shown once again. Spider Vein Treatment In NewYork is necessary for those who no longer want to deal with unsightly veins.

ConsultationThe first step of the process will be a consultation with the doctor. They will take a look at the vein to ensure it is in fact a spider vein. It could be that the vein is varicose, which is something completely different, but still something that needs to be treated. If the vein is in fact a spider vein like the patient thought, then the doctor will explain the procedure that needs to be done.

InjectionThe treatment will consist of an injection into the area where the veins are located. This is known as Sclerotherapy. The liquid that is injected causes the lining of the vein to seal shut. Once that is done, the vein will be completely eliminated. This means this vein will essentially disappear, leaving only the healthy veins remaining.

HealingThe best way to fully heal after this process is to continue any daily activities. It is important to keep active so that the other veins in the leg can get the blood flow they need. For the first 24 hours, only light activity is permitted though. Nothing too vigorous should be done. After that, any amount of activity is acceptable. Patients may also wear compression stockings in order to keep pressure on the vein that was injected. This helps to ensure the vein remains closed so it is no longer being used. It will also help prevent bruising that will occur from the procedure.

The full process of Spider Vein Treatment is very simple. Through a consultation, Sclerotherapy, and the healing process, the vein will be treated and gone in just a few short weeks. The vein may still be seen for a couple of months after the injection as taken place, but after that it should be almost completely invisible. Most patients say the visibility of the vein decreases by up to 80%. No longer do they have a large, dark vein on their leg that is unsightly. Now they can wear shorts and go out again without worry.



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