What to Expect at Your First Port Orchard Dentists Appointment

Going to the dentist is not always an easy experience for everyone. Many people have a fear of the dentist and those that do not generally do not enjoy visiting their dental office. To put your mind at rest, it can help to know exactly what to expect from your first dental visit. This will give you the understanding that you need to face your dental visit without fear.

When you first visit your Dentists In Port Orchard, you will be given some paperwork to fill out. This will ask you questions about your insurance, any health conditions, and even medications that you take. It is imperative that you fill out this paperwork in its entirety and that you give accurate information. This will help your dentist to better be able to treat you for any oral health issues that you may have.

Once your paperwork has been properly filled out, you will visit the hygienist. He or she will clean your teeth and polish them. This will allow the dentist to better see the condition of your teeth and provide a better exam.

Once your Dentists Port Orchard office has your teeth cleaned, your dentist will come in to perform an oral exam. He or she will check the health of your teeth and gums and will also look over your tongue and mouth lining.

After this exam, you will most likely have a series of X-rays performed. These X-rays will help your dentist to find any hidden problems that lie deep within the root of the teeth or in the gums.

Once your oral exam and X-rays are completed, your dentist will talk with you about any issues that were found. He or she will give you information on any dental procedures that you will need to have done as well as instruction on how to properly care for your teeth and gums.

Seeing your Dentists Port Orchard office does not have to be a frightening experience. By having knowledge of what will occur at each visit, you can be better prepared for the procedures that your dentist will perform. This will help you to have confidence through your dental visit, knowing that you are in good hands.


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