What to Expect After Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is a growing field of cosmetic surgery, but it is not always performed for cosmetic reasons. These types of procedures are used to treat a variety of ailments from skin cancer to drooping eyelids which impair vision. The surgeries are relatively quick and have few risks when they are performed by a qualified specialist. If you are scheduled for eyelid surgery in Lakeview, here is what to expect during your recovery period.

Temporary Vision Impairment

The procedure can cause many temporary visual impairments. These include double vision, blurriness and light sensitivity among a few others. Not everyone will experience all, but all will have some. Most of the issue is caused by the moisturizing drops applied to the eyes during surgery.

No Contacts

If you rely on contacts for sight correction it is important to realize you will be unable to wear them for approximately two weeks following surgery. The eyes can be dry, red and swollen, all reasons why contacts can be dangerous and uncomfortable. But the main reason is that people will typically pull on their eyelid when inserting and removing lenses. This pulling can cause serious complications immediately after surgery.


It is no surprise that bruising and swelling will occur after surgery. The bruising will most likely disappear within a couple of weeks along with most of the swelling. However, it is not unusual for some swelling to remain for as long as a couple of months.


Despite seeming like a simple procedure, there are plenty of things patients need to remember to protect their eyes after surgery. It is important to sleep with your head raised and to avoid strenuous exercise for a week or two to prevent pressure on the eyes. Dark sunglasses should be worn whenever you are outside to protect the sensitive skin. This should be done even on cloudy days because wind can be nearly as damaging as sunshine. Avoid smoke, keep lids clean and avoid rubbing the eyes.

Your doctor will likely have additional information and cautions for you as well. It is important to follow all instructions thoroughly to avoid infection or damaging the eye. If you are only just beginning to consider Eyelid Surgery, contact Adam J Cohen MD to learn more.

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