What to Consider when Buying a Mobile Cart for Electronic Health Records

by | Feb 16, 2019 | Health And Fitness

Many factors go into a healthcare provider’s decision to purchase a mobile cart for Electronic Health Records (EHRs). Most healthcare workplaces want to increase efficiency and quality of care for their patients, and the ability of doctors and nurses to quickly access EHRs is a key component to the medical industry in the 21st century.

Increase efficiency

When nurses and doctors no longer have to leave the room to retrieve medical records, x-rays, test results, and to write prescription or discharge orders, they can spend more time with their patients and complete their care with efficiency. In addition, the ability to move from room-to-room or floor-to-floor with a mobile rolling cart with wheels allows doctors and nurses to get to the next patient more quickly.

Storage options in these carts are also an excellent tool for adding efficiency, as healthcare providers can bring important supplies and medications with them.

Reduce errors

Not only do mobile medical workstations increase efficiency, but they also help reduce errors because the healthcare provider can enter patient information quickly and promptly without delays. The reduction in errors means there is less time spent fixing those errors, and more time can be spent with patients.

The healthcare provider also has the advantage of double-checking information with the patient still in the room.

Increase quality of care

A reduction in errors and an increase in efficiency means doctors and nurses can spend more quality time with their patients. While doctors’ offices and hospitals can be very busy places, it shouldn’t mean that healthcare providers have to sacrifice the quality of care they deliver to their patients.

Patients who feel they are not being rushed and their concerns are being addressed are much happier with their overall medical visits. Implementing mobile rolling carts with wheels to quickly transport EHRs and other equipment to each patient’s room will reduce the time spent on other tasks and increase time spent with patients.

Easy to use

A mobile rolling cart with wheels can easily be wheeled on any surface, from carpets to tile and more. Most are lightweight and easily maneuverable, even in tight spaces or small patient rooms.

There are plenty of customizable options on these mobile medical carts to help increase efficiency, including dual screens, tabletop extensions, sharps containers, and even printers. With Hot-Swap battery technologies, backup batteries are easy to switch out and plug in, minimizing the amount of time worrying about your power source for your EHRs.

Mobile medical workstations are easy to adapt to any workspace environment, and your staff will enjoy the mobility and efficiency afforded to them by implementing these important 21st-century tools.

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