What Should You Look For In a Senior Living Residence

For many seniors, it’s incredibly hard – understandably so – to give up independence and the home you’ve been in for years. Looking for an assisted living home can feel like an admission you don’t want to make. After all, a lot of us have gone through this with our own parents, and it’s even harder when it’s you. It takes a lot to look at your situation, and decide that finding senior living in Florida that’s a little more supervised is a good idea. It’s hard, but it’s the grown-up (really, really grown up) thing to do.

What to Look For in Assisted Living

  1. Is it clean? Look in corners, cabinets, around baseboards. Ask about laundry services, and housekeeping in your unit.
  2. Visit during an activity, and if possible have a meal. Are the activities interesting, and is everyone engaged? Are the meals healthy and tasty?
  3. What outings are offered? Are there resident run clubs for interests such as a book club, golfing, or a board game night?
  4. Is the staff friendly and professional? These are the people who will be helping to take care of you, and they should be engaged with the residents, helpful, and kind.

Yes, Florida

Senior living in Florida can be the right choice for a lot of reasons. The weather is warm, the taxes are low, and you’ll have a lot of choices for assisted living residences in resort areas like Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Orlando, and other places. More importantly, you’ll be surrounded by people your own age (because it’s good for your health and your brain), activities, and knowledgeable staff who can help you with some of the things you have trouble doing yourself.

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