What Pregnant Women Can Expect With Marble Falls Midwifery Services

Education is essential for expecting mothers when it comes to making the best decision about care during and after pregnancy. Here are a few things pregnant women can expect with midwifery services in Marble Falls.

Prenatal visits will be planned for expecting mothers. Their first visit typically lasts about one hour. All subsequent visits last about 30 minutes. During each visit, there are certain steps that will be taken to ensure that the mother and baby are in good health. This includes recording the mother’s blood pressure and weight, doing urine tests, and checking for swelling. Professionals will palpitate the baby’s position and classify any risks. They will also listen to the fetal heart.

When using midwifery services in Marble Falls, it is common for clients to begin labor at home. This is true no matter if they want a hospital birth or home birth. Mother and baby will be carefully monitored throughout the labor and birth process to detect any complications. It is common for mothers and babies to be discharged just a couple of hours after the birth if the mother decided to have a hospital birth.

Ongoing support is provided after the birth with midwifery care. Visits will be made in the weeks following the birth to provide postpartum support, well-baby care, and breast-feeding support.

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