What Is Treated By Optometry in Huntsville, AL?

Optometry is a branch of medicine that deals with the eye and everything involved with the eye. More specifically, the field of medicine deals with diseases and disorders of the eyes. Such diseases and disorders can range from cataracts and degenerative eye diseases to astigmatism. If you have not been to a doctor in awhile, you need to make sure you choose a talented doctor to visit. You need to visit an optometrist probably every two years if you do not have any type of eye disorder or eye disease. If you do have a disorder or a disease, you’ll need to visit more often.

Visiting an Optometrist

Those who wear glasses or have other types of eye disorders need to visit the doctor once a year. If you have been regularly visiting a doctor of optometry in Huntsville, AL, they might tell you how often to come back. In some cases, you don’t need to go to the doctor every year. In other cases, if your eye condition is changing or worsening, you might need to visit an optometrist more often.

You should visit Specsofmadison.com to schedule an appointment with a doctor. In addition to people with eye disorders, there are eye diseases that will require you go to an optometrist.

Eye Diseases

Optometry deals with eye diseases as well as eye disorders. There are several diseases that can occur; one of the most common is cataracts. Cataracts are the clumping and/or yellowing of proteins in the eye lens. Such a problem leads to cloudy vision and could progress to blindness. Furthermore, there are diseases such as conjunctivitis, which is an inflammation of the eye. Inflammation of the tear ducts can also occur. These generally result in pain and swelling as well as redness. You’ll need to visit an optometrist to see what can be done.

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