What is the role of a pediatric dentist?

A pediatric dentist is one who has received specialized training in dealing with dental care in Orange Park. Although a pediatric dentist uses his special care skills with infants and young children, the dentist will often continue to see patients up until they reach their late teens. These dentists are skilled in dealing with children, they teach them the correct way to care for their teeth and gums but they are also trained to detect and treat conditions which affect the complete oral cavity. Pediatric dentists are extremely caring with their young patients because they are well aware that a dental appointment for a child can be a frightening experience.

Perhaps the most common task for a pediatric dentist is to clean the teeth of their young patients. During and after the cleaning the dentist can explain the importance of dental hygiene and teach the child the proper way to brush and floss. The dentist also brings the parents into the conversation as he or she is well aware of the importance of the parents in instilling good habits and seeing to it that the child’s teeth are brushed regularly, the dentist can also advise on the best toothbrush and toothpaste to use during the child’s development.

Parents are encouraged to begin infant dental care in Orange Park area early in the child’s life. As the normal age to have a full set of first teeth is about three years old, dental care should start well before that, many dentists who specialize in infant and juvenile care suggest that the first appointment should be made when the first tooth cuts through.

The condition and placement of the first set of teeth play a big role for the future. When the first teeth are being displaced by the permanent teeth it is important that they take the correct position. In many cases a child will lose first teeth early, this can affect the placement of the permanent teeth and the pediatric dentist, through the use of X-Rays can predetermine if corrective action might be necessary, such as braces.

Because of the care that a pediatric dentist gives the patients; in the event the child needs a chipped tooth repaired, a cavity filled or a tooth extracted they will have learned not to fear the dentist when they start receiving early care and treatment.

Infant dental care in Orange Park is something that must be considered by the parents of a youngster. You are invited to make an appointment with Myers Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics where your child will receive the best care in a wonderful kid friendly environment.

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