What is PG Based Nicotine

by | Aug 24, 2018 | Health

Nicotine that is diluted in PG is of the highest quality since the nicotine is diluted to the desired levels before inhalation. When choosing a nicotine supplier, it is always beneficial to find out if they carry this type of PG based nicotine. Any purchaser should be aware of what this type of nicotine is and what its benefits include. By learning more about PG based nicotine, buyers can decide whether or not to invest in this product for the long run.

Why Choose PG Based Nicotine?

Unlike other types of nicotine products that use a vegetable glycerin dilution method, PG based nicotine uses propylene glycol. This is preferred because it has a stronger desired effect and it also produces less smoke when compared to cigarettes made with vegetable glycerin. When purchasing nicotine products that are diluted with PG, it is essential to choose a GMP facility to guarantee the purity of the products.

High-Quality PG Based Nicotine

When it comes to purchasing high-quality PG based nicotine products, the best option is getting PG based nicotine that is packaged in food grade containers. This maintains its freshness and ensures that the solution has undergone extensive control tests. It is recommended to choose a GMP facility that can provide a certificate of analysis to ensure the best results.

Consider Purity & Color

Before making a purchase, it is recommended to inspect the PG based nicotine if possible before buying. Make sure to consider the purity and color so that you can make the best possible choice of a high-quality nicotine product. Also, when making a purchase, it is beneficial to purchase various dilutions to see which dilution best meets your specifications. Some of the suggested dilution levels include anywhere from 0.6% to 10% dilution.

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