What Is Assisted Living?

When it comes time for you to make some big choices for your elderly loved one, it might be useful to consider an assisted living facility. These care centers offer great spaces for senior citizens to live and receive a wide range of services and assistance for a variety of their needs. Whether you have specific concerns about your loved one’s health, or you are looking for a dynamic community of peers to help them get acclimated to the senior life, there are a variety of reasons to choose senior living care.

Chelsea Senior Living is an assisted living network that provides senior home options in New York. If you are looking for the best options for your loved one, consider an assisted living situation. Here’s everything it can do for you.

Long-Term Care Solutions
If you need a long-term care solution for your elderly loved one, an assisted living facility can take care of your needs. For over 25 years, senior living residences have provided housing for senior adults who need a mix of independence and healthcare assistance. It is a guided facility with prepared meals, laundry services, group activities, and other needs addressed. Depending on the needs of your family member, this can be a great community for them to thrive.

Affordable Rates
Many assisted living facilities offer great rates for comprehensive solutions. Most locations will offer a flat rate, which will then cover services such as:

  • Housing
  • Laundry and housekeeping
  • Daily meals
  • Community activities
  • Healthcare assistance

Of course, these care packages can be fine-tuned to best assist your loved one. Ensuring a greater quality of life while maintaining daily standards is the key to finding a great senior living location.

Additional Programs and Activities
If you need a little bit of extra assistance for your elderly loved one, you can rest assured that specialized senior communities will be there for you. Many seniors wish to remain active or be involved with a variety of activities. Others need medical assistance and greater help with daily tasks such as changing and showering. Many facilities can provide a range of programs that include:

  • Exercise opportunities
  • Transportation
  • Social programs
  • Medical services
  • 24-hour supervision

Depending on the individual facility, you may receive additional care options for those who are in need of constant surveillance. Speak with a Chelsea Senior Living representative today at your local New York senior care home to see what options you have for you and your loved one.

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