What Is a Hot Stone Massage and What Are Its Benefits for Your Body?

Tight muscles and a tense body are not conducive to a healthy life. To this end, most spas with massage therapists use different techniques on the muscle groups involved. They know how deeply the massage needs to go. A hot stone massage would be one of the techniques used in Jacksonville. Here’s how it is done and a few of its benefits.

What Is a Hot Stone Massage?

River stones are used in hot stone massages due to their smoothness from the river currents and their ability to retain heat. They are heated in a special stone heater and are placed on the body along the spinal cord and muscle groups. The relaxing heat penetrates the muscles.

The massage therapist is now able to employ long strokes to knead and roll the muscle groups to relax them to the depth necessary. Swedish massage is the most common method used during this session.

Joint Flexibility

Those with swollen and painful joints benefit from the heat of the stones relaxing the muscles and tissue around the joints. Range of motion is renewed, and pain will be decreased.

Restful Sleep

In Jacksonville, studies have shown seniors sleep better following a hot stone massage. Stress is relieved, the body is relaxed, and it takes both to get restful sleep.

Tension and Muscle Spasms

Tight muscles lead to muscle spasms. Oxygenated blood has not reached the muscles, so they can’t function properly. Hot stones relieve this tightness and pain while restoring circulation, the massage does the rest.

The Mind-Body Connection

When the muscles relax, so does the mind. Massage has been known to help with stress, anxiety and depression. While these conditions are more amenable to psychiatric and medical care, a massage does a good job of preparing the field for their care.

For hot stone massages in Jacksonville, our professionals at Adrienne Michelle’s Salon & Spa can tell you more about hot stone massages. Check out our website at AdrienneMichelle.com to learn more about it.

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