What Can You Expect From Laser Hair Removal in Maui?

Dealing with unwanted body hair can be difficult. Although shaving has been around for many years, this hair removal process is time-consuming and the hair ends up growing back quickly. Instead of dealing with cuts and prickly regrowth, individuals should consider laser hair removal in Maui. With this information, individuals will better understand what they can expect from the process so they will be prepared.

How Do Lasers Remove Hair?

This medical procedure uses an intense beam of light that pulsates. As the laser passes through the skin, it hones in on an individual hair follicle. With the intense heat energy the laser produces, the hair follicle becomes damaged. This not only removes the hair that is growing, it also helps to inhibit new hair growth.

Laser hair removal treatments are most effective on those who have light skin tones and darker hair. Although this procedure definitely slows down the growth of the hair, it does not guarantee there will be no more hair growth. Most people will need more than one treatment to ensure they are hair-free because hair follicles grow at different rates. The more treatments that are carried out, the longer a person will be able to go between treatments.

What Can Individuals Expect From Treatment?

It is important individuals properly prepare for Laser Hair Removal in Maui. It is important a person does not pluck or wax their hair before or after the laser treatment because this can cause destruction to the follicles, making it impossible to treat them. Shaving is recommended because this will prevent the laser from fixing on the hair above the skin.

During the procedure, eyewear will be worn to protect the eyes. A cooling gel will be used to help prevent excess heat discomfort during the treatment. The area that has been treated will be red and slightly irritated but this typically fades quickly.

If you are interested in this procedure and would like to learn more, visit Theskincenterwailea.com. Call them today so you can schedule your appointment. With laser hair removal, your skin will be smooth and beautiful and you can say goodbye to unwanted hair.

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