What Are The Visible Astaxanthin Benefits?

As one of the most powerful carotenoids, Astaxanthin offers a range of benefits that are both visible as well as operate at a cellular level in the body. Some of the cellular benefits people in Toronto will experience include cardiovascular support, cellular health, increased energy, and immune system support.

There are also visible Astaxanthin benefits. While they do not appear immediately, taking this product as a regular supplement for a few months will produce visible changes in your skin, eyes, and in your performance and energy.

Eye Health

With more people in Toronto and around the world spending their days looking at screens, eye care and eye health are critical. Looking at screens is linked to a decreased level of blinking, which leads to eye irritation, fatigue, and strain.

One of the many Astaxanthin benefits is boosting the essential nutrients for eye health. It is able to pass through the blood-retina barrier to provide these essential nutrients. Reduced eye irritation, improvements in dry-eye, and even improvements in vision can occur in some people.


For both women and men, important Astaxanthin benefits include anti-aging and UV protection. This helps to prevent and even reverse the photo-aging effects that are found with exposure of the skin to the sun. Using Astaxanthin as a supplement helps to restore damaged skin cells, reduce inflammation and oxidation, and reduce damage to cell DNA.

In studies, people noticed a visible improvement in skin moisture, elasticity, fine lines, and skin texture in just six weeks. As with all types of supplements, individual results will vary, but these benefits are visible and only increase the longer the supplement is used.

For more information on the visible and invisible Astaxanthin benefits you can expect, see us at Iconthin. More information and our studies can be found at iconthin.com.

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